MyKinergy Platform enables health collaboration with secure communication, document organization and information sharing that is secure and easy to use.


Accessible from multiple devices, the HIPAA-compliant MyKinergy Platform integrates information from multiple sources and presents it in a clear and actionable format for healthcare providers, patients and family caregivers to work in concert.

Our technology is based on proven research and shaped by experts in care management.

Kinergy Care Platform Benefits

More efficient care coordination

Accessible from anywhere

Compliant, secure and private

Collect and share data securely

No laborious installation or training

Intuitive user interface

  • Care Coordination Support

    Plan of care tracking, care team communication, medication management, shared office visit summaries, shared education and resource library

  • Data Collection and Storage

    Personal Health Record; Patient document libraries; Information may be faxed, scanned, uploaded or entered manually; Supports data exchange via secure document transfer, fax, Blue Button, and CCD (coming 2015)

  • Compliant, Secure and Private

    HIPAA-compliant platform; Industry standard security features including SSL and 256 encryption; Role-based access permissions

  • Communications

    Healthcare Address Book, connect with Care Team members; Automated alerts, reminders and prompts; Secure, private messages; Integrated fax; Tasks

  • Patient Management

    Multi-patient capability; Professional dashboard; Staff access restrictions; Staff community; Sharable resource library