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Better health through
collaboration and empowerment.

Kinergy Health offers a collaborative care coordination solution designed to lower your costs without impacting the quality of service.

Our unique model of technology and coaching makes care coordination more effective and efficient.

Our Solution is a Powerful Combination

Evidence-based Practices

MyKinergy Platform — care coordination
technology platform

Kinergy Care Navigators


Supported by a combination of evidence-based practices and user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant technology, Kinergy Care Navigators manage the logistics of care coordination so that your clinical team can serve more patients.

Together, Kinergy Care Navigators and MyKinergy increase the number of touch points you have with your patients, their caregivers and other providers.

You benefit from improved outcomes, enhanced patient satisfaction and a deeper, long lasting relationship with your patient and their care team — made possible more efficiently and economically than with your current solution.

Proven Strategy

Research shows that technology combined with human resources work best. Kinergy Health’s solution is based on the key pillars for effective care transitions examined in more than 43 studies which all agree that the most effective solution bundles interventions.

The Kinergy Health solution follows the well-respected Care Transition Intervention℠ Pillars as defined by Dr. Eric Coleman:

  • Medication self-management
  • Communication and follow-up with primary care providers/specialists
  • Development of a patient-centered health record with coaching
  • Identification of individualized red flags

You know from experience that these transition interventions have been demonstrated to enhance outcomes for patients, families and providers alike. The challenge comes from the additional financial strain and burden on already overburdened staff required to implement a strong care coordination program.

Kinergy Health is your solution — we provide care coordination at the professional level you expect, for a fraction of the cost.